Saturday, February 25, 2012

Street Cred 2012

Second place for the second year in a row. Three years ago I won this thing.

Street Cred is a great little alley cat stage race that started a number of years ago (2007?). It tests your ability to get around the city quickly and efficiently using tact and knowledge (luck). Next year I'll be gunning to win it again.

Actually, I am kind of surprised I pulled a second place finish out of my rear this year as I haven't been doing any riding other than commuting since January and for four months before that my butt didn't see a saddle. Points out how it isn't always about speed and fitness and that's the point.

This year saw the Peep eating returned (ugh), but saw a new player in the fantastic Cadbury Egg!! I love those things. Not so much in the middle of a crit, but still.

Levon did a suburb job of again organizing this race and securing sponsors (Tallgrass Brewing, Chrome, Volker Bicycles, and Velocity). Thanks to all the sponsors for the prizes and support.

It's great to get and race in February when everyone else is at home on the trainer.

Stay dirty!

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